VIP Reboot

Imagine a day designed just for you. . . a day where you leave the office behind, and focus entirely on your own wellbeing.  You will have my undivided attention as you move from burnout to balance.

The VIP Reboot takes place in a beautiful location on the coast of Northern California.  The sea and sky can be part of your healing.  Or, if you prefer the comfort of your home, we can spend the day together by Skype.  You choose what is best for you.

In our one-on-one deep dive into wellbeing, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Give yourself the gift of time (and scenery) as you overcome fatigue and overwhelm.
  • Spend the entire day focused on yourself without feeling rushed – something you may not have enjoyed for decades!
  • Enjoy uninterrupted attention from me, as you safely explore your thoughts and wellness goals. Now is the time to verbalize your desires.
  • Using the results of your Wellness Inventory assessment, learn how to make necessary changes so that you feel good again.
  • By the end of the day, develop a concrete plan of action steps that you can implement as soon as you’re back in the real world.

If you love the idea of revitalizing yourself with a VIP Reboot, click on the button below for a free strategy session.  You can also contact me at:

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