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Let’s challenge the status quo!  We’re not workhorses, but individuals wanting to maximize our potential on all levels.  Despite our work-obsessed culture, there are paths to professional success that don’t include burnout.

When I speak publicly, my goal is that participants return to their nonprofits as pioneers for personal change and organizational reform. To hire me as a guest speaker, you can contact me at danielle@PrimaveraStrategies.com

I have seen Danielle present a few times on her life coach skills and how to avoid burnout. All I can say is WOW. Each time I have heard Danielle speak, her content is refreshed and always so relevant. I felt that she has really armed me with not only the knowledge but also the tools to feel excited and passionate about my work again.

Burnout is a very real thing. And Danielle has very real, very inspiring solutions.

Kitty Hoffman
President, AFPCCC

Below are presentations and webinars I’ve delivered to conferences, AFP chapters, and organizations.

Primavera Strategies

Harnessing Your Mental-Fitness Superpowers

We think the critical voices in our heads help us maintain our record of high achievement – but this is untrue. They create additional suffering. The good news is we can learn to re-wire our brains and strengthen our neural pathways for empathy, discovery, and joy. This presentation is based on Positive Intelligence, grounded in neuroscience and positive psychology.

Primavera Strategies

Addressing Your Burnout – If Not Now, When?

Our world changed in a heartbeat, thanks to the pandemic.  Where are we now?  Nonprofit staff are experiencing burnout and fatigue at higher rates than ever, yet it’s not the pandemic that’s to blame – we must also recognize that the coronavirus highlighted the detrimental ways we already work.  You’ll learn seven powerful ways to boost your resilience, plus inspiring ideas for our post-pandemic world.

Primavera Strategies

Create an Organizational Culture of Wellbeing

Let’s bust the myth that the only route to success is through overwork and fatigue, and then create a culture of wellbeing where employees are cherished.  You’ll learn comprehensive principles to prevent burnout as well as insights to transforming your organizational culture.

Primavera Strategies

How to Dial Down the Overwhelm

The “revolving-door” phenomenon of development directors is a vicious cycle.  It’s time for a new paradigm, one that honors the wellbeing of employees.  Learn the symptoms and causes of burnout, as well as seven ways to dial down your overwhelm.

Primavera Strategies

The Impact of Social Media on Your Wellbeing – and How to Use it as a Force for Good

We’re addicted to our screens.  We crave to be seen and understood, but unfortunately, we feel less connected, not more, with social media, and it impacts every dimension of our lives.  Learn how we’re affected as individuals, a society, and a nation, while also exploring seven ways to use social media as a force for good.

Primavera Strategies

Understanding Your Values – Individuals and Teams

You’re at your best when you align your life with your core values.  This sounds easy, but why is it so challenging?  Learn the difference between core and acquired values, as well as what happens when our core values don’t match the values of our workplace.

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I absolutely loved this session on mental fitness – I am so happy we decided to go in this direction. Based on the evaluation summaries, attendees loved the session as well. It is always wonderful to work with Danielle!

Sharron Crawford Corle
Director, Learning & Development
Meals on Wheels America

I have attended several in-person and online presentations from Danielle, and have been impressed each time.  Her presentation style is warm and calming, and she brings concrete, actionable ideas for improving work/life balance and avoiding burnout that attendees are able to implement.  It is clear from her presentations that she is knowledgeable in her field, and that she cares deeply about supporting non-profit professionals in accomplishing their missions while maintaining healthy and fulfilling lives. 

I would highly recommend Danielle to anyone looking for a high-quality presentation for their staff or community organization.

Tricia Ciampa
Chair, Education Committee
AFP California Capital Chapter

Danielle’s webinar on Social Media is exceptional!

She opened my eyes to the many negative impacts of social media on our overall personal health and wellbeing, our mental health and self-esteem, our ability to be present and connect on a more deeply human level with others, and how that affects us as individuals, families, communities, and as a nation. More importantly she provided many creative ways that we can use social media in a positive way, to help uplift ourselves and others, contributing to creating a culture of wellness and playing to the “better angels of our nature.

Jim Strohecker
CEO, HealthWorld Online

I left Danielle’s session with a new awareness of the burnout signs I missed when I left my previous fundraising job.  I learned that I can be proactive in preventing burnout by applying my core values to my job and life.  I feel relieved knowing I don’t have to burn out – I now have tangible tools to help me remain energized and fulfilled at work and home.

Marci Atkison
President, AFP Wine Country Chapter

Contact me at danielle@PrimaveraStrategies.com to learn how I can make a difference by speaking to your organization.