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Why You’re Stressed at Work – Discover how stress affects your body and the six factors that lead to burnout.

Three Ways to be Kind to Yourself this Holiday Season – When we treat ourselves right, we can be kinder to others.

Boost Your Resilience at Work to be Happier – Persevere through adversity with these three tips.

Feel Engaged at Work Despite the Chaos – How you can prevent burnout with lessons from Rosie the Riveter.

How to Feel Happy at Work – Find Your Purpose – Discover why your core values are key to your success.

Reconnect with Winter and Enjoy a Sacred Pause – How can we enjoy the beauty and stillness inherent in the season?

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How You Can Use Social Media as a Force for Good – Learn five things you can do to improve your relationship with your smartphone and improve your wellbeing!

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How to Take a Vacation Guilt-Free – Discover how time away makes you a more productive and creative employee.

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Discover How Sleep Transforms Your Workday – Learn seven tips for a great night’s sleep, to be at your best.

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Three Keys to Mindful Eating – The food we eat and the way we eat it dramatically affect our wellbeing.

2017-03-29 Red Kachina Honatke 4 x 6

Re-Awaken Your Senses with Artist Paul Honatke – Enjoy an interview with a talented artist and explore the importance of sensing in your own life.

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Focus on Your Breathing – Discover the power of deep breathing to focus your mind and reduce your stress.

2017-01-21 Pumpkin the Dragon Jaunty 4 x 6

2017 – Join Me for a Year of No Regrets – How can we soar this year?  By living an authentic life, not the one others expect of us.

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Reframing Your Relationship with Social Media – Learn how you can use these networks as a force for good.

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How Karting Helps You Thrive at Work – See why having the mindset of a novice helps you be an all-star employee.

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Three Things You Can Learn about Resiliency from Rosie the Riveter – Who better than our Rosies to help us understand grit and determination?

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Shining the Light on Bragsplaining – Learn the first step we can take to create a culture of wellbeing in the nonprofit world.

Fund Development
Catherine Connolly, Steve Horton, Outstanding Professional Fundraiser, National Philanthropy Day, Association of Fundraising Professionals, Tia Gemmell

Behind the Scenes with an Award-Winning Direct Marketer – Catherine Connolly shares her insights on the rapidly evolving field.

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Five Nuggets from Impact Foundry’s WHAT IF Conference – Enjoy information that I learned as a participant, as well as ideas I shared as a presenter.