Overcoming Burnout

In my career as a major gifts officer, I participated in three successful capital campaigns.  By the end of the third, I was burned out.  Fried.  It was the greatest challenge of my career.

During this time, instead of enjoying my weekends fully, I wasted many Sundays stewing about Monday morning.  Sound familiar?  Mentally and physically exhausted, I couldn’t shake my feeling of overwhelm, even on the weekends.  I still want back my lost Sundays.

My burnout became a blessing when I sought ways to work and live that were better aligned with my core values.  I graduated from a rigorous coach-training program at UC Davis Extension, and today I am an Associate Certified Coach who is passionate about helping nonprofit staff become their best selves.

Are you losing your Sundays?  As a hard-working employee of a nonprofit, you may be emotionally and physically depleted.

You may be looking for hope.

As a professional coach, I’ll help you either renew your passion, or find the career you love.  Are you serious about making a change?  If so, click here for a free strategy session with me.

I offer Saving Your Sundays, a 90-Day coaching package to overcome burnout that takes you from dreading Mondays to living the life you really want.  Yes!  This blueprint for wellbeing includes 12 coaching sessions.  You will have the opportunity to:

  • Gain self-awareness about what happens to your body, mind, and spirit when you are constantly overwhelmed,
  • Identify what is most important to you,
  • Define your perfect work and lifestyle, and
  • Initiate positive change in the next six months to a year.

“Danielle is kind, warm and approachable and asked thoughtful questions to promote deep reflection and self-discovery. I was lost and confused, and through her coaching, I was able to clarify my values and identify next steps to pursue a fulfilling career. Danielle’s coaching and support also benefited my personal life and my relationships have been strengthened as a result. I am extremely grateful for our coaching sessions and highly recommend her.”


Investing in your future by hiring a professional coach is now a badge of honor.  If you’re ready to commit to making a change, click on the button below for a free strategy session.

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