Core-Values Deep Dive

You are at your best when you are living and working in ways that are aligned with your core values.

Sounds great. . . right?  Except, well, what actually is a core value?  It’s an intrinsic guiding principle that you were born with and will always be a part of you.  It is what you need to feel fulfilled and to reach your potential.

Examples of core values include authenticity, creativity, empathy, independence, and achievement.  Your special mishmash of values is what makes you – you.  Your fabulous and mysterious self.

Unfortunately, it is challenging to identify your core values.  And the process becomes even murkier when you consider that you have adopted some values along the way from outside sources like your family, culture, and media.

You may be living each day attempting to align yourself with values that are not even your own!

I did this myself for a few months when I accepted a promotion that I didn’t really want, but I sure liked the title.  I was “successful,” but not happy or fulfilled.

Now there is a new coaching program, called Values2Wellbeing, that removes the guesswork from the process.  This is an innovative coaching technique created by the folks at Science2Wellbeing.  My clients love the elegant structure that helps them to quantify their values.  It objectively shows them which are their core values, and which values they acquired from others.

See what Nicole has to say. . .

“My values work with Danielle changed the way that I define success. This has led to a profound shift in my leadership style and perspective, enabling me to focus on the growth of those around me instead of being so attached to outcomes.  My anxiety level has decreased dramatically and I feel much more grounded and at peace both at home and in the office.  I highly recommend that everyone consider the Values2Wellbeing coaching.”

Nicole Byrd Braddock
Executive Director, Solano Land Trust

I am one of the few coaches in the world certified in Values2Wellbeing, a science-based coaching method.  It is designed to increase your life satisfaction and reduce stress.

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To be happy, we need to live a life true to ourselves.  This coaching technique cracks the code, giving you the awareness you need to make effective decisions that are aligned with your core values.

How will you benefit?  You will have the opportunity to:

  • Develop razor-sharp clarity and identify your core values.
  • Know what is most important to you, and be able to make critical decisions based on your new self-awareness.
  • Transform obstacles in work and life into opportunities for personal growth and gratitude.
  • Understand your core values, as well as the values of your workplace, to help you to make healthy choices if you are experiencing burnout.

I offer the Core-Values Deep Dive to clients ready for change.  It includes seven hours of core-values coaching:

  • Three sessions, two hours each, scheduled one week apart. These sessions will be completed either in person or by skyping.  They are more structured than a normal coaching session.
  • One follow-up session, that is one-hour long and will be completed by phone or by skyping.  It supports you as you begin to align your life around your core values.  You may shift towards gratitude and greater wellbeing.

Understanding your core values, and aligning your life around them, sets you up for success and ultimate fulfillment.

“Danielle is amazing!  Her ability to listen and probe awakened my core values and helped me discover my inner foundation.  She has guided me on a journey that has helped me to connect to my true self, understand why I feel the way I do and determine what matters most.”

Dr. Dorothea Shannon
Retired School Superintendent

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