As an Associate Certified Coach, I will help you be your best self, personally as well as professionally.

I offer two coaching packages:

  • Saving Your Sundays — You can learn how to thrive after burnout, renew your passion, and create the work that you love.

Wondering if coaching is right for you?  You will benefit if you:

  • Want to focus on yourself, with someone actively listening,
  • Need a safe place where you’re accepted as you are,
  • Desire to be your best at work, and in life,
  • Are ready to define what you care about most, and bring more of that into your life,
  • Seek to initiate transformative change, and
  • Want a champion who helps you take risks, and celebrates your success.

Professional coaching is a creative partnership between the coach and client.  The coach creates a safe environment for discovery, allowing the client to generate her own solutions.

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