a almond blossoms 5474 for webWelcome to my Primavera blog!  I’m committed to writing about the nonprofit world, in a lively way that inspires hope and stimulates creative thinking.

What can you expect?  I look forward to sharing posts that reflect my perspective as a professional coach, as well as a development consultant.  You can anticipate reading about:

  • Transformational Coaching – I am passionate about this profession and look forward to helping you understand its value.
  • Well-being – I am dedicated to reducing burnout among nonprofit staff, and you can anticipate posts about emotional well-being, core values, physical health, creativity, spirituality, and healthy relationships.
  • Effective Communication – I’ll share tips on how to write pieces that motivate donors to give, as well as skills for healthy communication with co-workers, family, and friends.
  • Building Relationships – As a major gifts officer, I cherished my donors. You can read my posts that describe how to build relationships with them that last a lifetime.

To follow the blog, click on the “Subscribe” button above.  Enjoy!

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